Everest Base Camp, In Style

8-day Nepal heli-hike with 6-month mentorship, coaching, fitness prep in Vancouver Island and remotely included.

Embark on an unparalleled opportunity to trek into the bucket-list views of Mt. Everest – with up to six months of tailored high performance 1:1 remote coaching, and an included weekend intensive with us on Vancouver Island, prior to your trip.

Together, we’ll hike through breathtaking trails to the foothills of Mt Everest, past glistening glaciers and hidden cultural gems. The itinerary is custom designed to accommodate slower pace requirements of our guests with physical limitation or mobility restrictions.

The caliber of care is combined with deep rooted respect for the mountains and the local people. You’ll experience exceptional stays at the finest Himalayan lodges, guided by unmatched Western and Nepali expertise. This trek is a truly tailored experience with white glove guiding and porter services.




Personalized Journeys

Welcome! This extraordinary adventure is suitable for all healthy, moderately fit individuals. It’s an all-women adventure! Join a group or make it private, with just four guests.

Everest Base Camp, In Style is an integrative program that not only takes you to the highest mountains in the world, it also gets you in shape to go there. Depending on when you sign up, it includes up to six months of remote coaching plus a weekend intensive with us on Vancouver Island, in preparation.

The trek is helicopter assisted – our group charters 3 flights to ensure safer, smoother transfers. It’s operated by our partnership tour company in Kathmandu. There are 9 trekking days total to reach the base of Everest.

World Famous Nepal!

Incredible Nepal is a must-see destination. Nestled amongst the mightiest peaks in the world, its accessible mountains and awe-inspiring views cater to all, not just the seasoned adventurer.

Steeped in rich culture, the country’s spirit is as resilient as the mountains it’s famed for. Kathmandu, the capital, is a vibrant city reflecting centuries-old traditions. The warmth of local people, their captivating customs, and hospitable nature make the journey all the more enchanting.

Even if you’re not a thrill-seeker, Nepal’s scenic beauty and cultural richness promise an unforgettable experience.

Immersive Urban & Nature Travel

You’ll enjoy the finest luxury lodges in the Everest region, in addition to basic teahouses. From the top, we fly back to Kathmandu (saving your knees from downhill trekking) to a well-deserved lavish hotel experience. The blissful contrast is euphoric! It might just be the best day of your life.

After a wonderful return from (the bottom of) the top of the world… to silky sheets, long showers and double espresso, the group rests up for a day. Then we visit the temples for a cultural tour in Kathmandu chaos with our private guides, before heading home. This trip includes friendly airport meet-and-greet, plus transfers before and after the trek.

Safe & Caring Trip Design

Nepali guides lead the trek and Cat Smiley is your super host – ensuring your pace, safety and experience is managed to your personal requirements.

Cat was named Canadian Adventure Guide of the Year in 2023. Also an acclaimed fitness and nutrition coach, she’s completed this trek multiple times, including with her parents in their 70’s. She has 6000+ hours of commercial hiking guide experience, mostly in Whistler mountains. Cat begins working with you from the moment your trip is confirmed, to prepare you to successfully trek to Everest Base Camp.

Once in Nepal, our partnership Kathmandu trekking company take the lead, with Cat facilitating all aspects on the trip. Our team splits into various groups, we’ve got extra guides to provide personalized support and match paces as needed.

There’ll be up to 6 extraordinary women on this trip from around the world, who you’ll have built a rapport with long before the start of the trip.

Women’s Bucket List Adventure

Everest Base Camp, In Style is the ultimate program to elevate your life, achieve a huge milestone and gift to yourself (or loved one).

Cat will guide you in attaining the necessary fitness level by the time we reach Nepal. Your willingness to follow the plan and openness to coaching are key, more than your current fitness level.

The trek to Everest Base Camp, while physically demanding (several hours hiking each day), requires no technical mountaineering skills.

You’ll be fully supported by an expert team of Nepali Mountain guides and porters, carrying a light day pack with water and a jacket. Ground staff are equipped to handle emergencies.

If you’re unsure of your ability to participate in this program, but can’t stop thinking about it… book a friendly chat with Cat!

Trip Details

Kathmandu, Nepal

Private small group, multiple guides & porters

Led by leading Nepali Adventure Company

Chartered private helicopter & luxury lodging

Includes up to 6-months of 1:1 remote coaching plus weekend in-person preparation



High end service, expert support team

Chartered helicopters… flying Himalayan ranges

Yeti Mountain Lodges: ultimate luxury

Hiking with endless mountain vistas

Expanded team: porters, guides, drivers…

Once in a lifetime trip!

Reserve Trip

This trip runs 4x each year in April/May and Sept/Oct, with 4-6 guests in each trip. The earlier you book, the more value you get!

Your adventure starts with a call! If you’ve you’re ready to join this trip us (or have questions), let’s talk! Registration is open.

Sunrise Mt. Everest


This 13-night stay in Nepal will have you experiencing lodging extremes from luxury to ‘survival’ but your guiding team moves mountains to ensure you’re well fed, warm and comfortable throughout your experience.

Before and after the trek (in the bustle of Kathmandu) our team stays at a gorgeous Marriott hotel. On the trek, the first four days has us staying in premium accommodations in Yeti Mountain Lodges. As we go higher up the great Himalaya trails, five days is in authentic Tea Houses – similar to glamping. We then challenge ourselves to go without showers for four days, due to both availability of solar power heated water, and the metabolic impact that could risk altitude sickness. If you’re thinking about doing this package, be ready for character building lodging experiences as well as the trekking!

Few things will compare in your life to helicoptering down to the Marriott from the Everest Base Camp after five days in tea houses!


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