How To Stay Hydrated,
If Lost Hiking

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29th, April 2024

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When you find yourself lost in the vast wilderness while hiking. Dehydration can quickly set in, leading to dangerous symptoms; confusion, fatigue, and ultimately, collapse. This could severely hinder your ability to think logically and navigate your way back to safety.

Before setting out on your hike, pack water-purification tablets or a life straw, which can make potentially unsafe water safe to drink. Streams, rivers, and lakes can be an excellent source of hydration, but it’s crucial to remember to purify this water before drinking to avoid ingesting harmful bacteria or parasites.

Fuelling Your Body: Finding and Consuming Food

Food is the fuel that powers your body, and it plays an essential role in maintaining your energy levels, body temperature, and overall morale. Therefore, knowing what you can and can’t eat in the Canadian wilderness could mean the difference between life and death.

Before embarking on your adventure, familiarize yourself with the types of edible plants, nuts, and berries native to Canada’s vast forests. In a worst-case scenario where you find yourself lost and without food, this knowledge could be invaluable.

Ensuring Safe Consumption: What to Avoid

It’s crucial to remember that not everything in the wilderness is safe to eat. Certain berries and plants may look appealing but can be harmful or even fatal if consumed. It’s worthwhile investing in a pocket guide to edible plants and taking the time to learn how to identify them correctly.

Making Your Supplies Last: The Art of Preservation

If you’ve been wise and brought food supplies with you, it’s essential to ration them wisely to ensure they last. Aim to consume high-energy foods that will sustain you for longer periods. Also, remember to conserve your energy as much as possible by limiting strenuous activities and resting when needed.

Staying hydrated and nourished when lost hiking is not just crucial to your survival, it’s non-negotiable. Always equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and tools before embarking on a hiking adventure.


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